Ratified on April 19, 1998
Last Amended on April 26, 2005


Article I

Institut article-titleion and Purpose

Section I
This organization shall be known as the Student Wolfpack Club, affiliated with the Wolfpack Club, here at North Carolina State University.
Section II
The Club has been established with the purpose of inspiring school spirit and supporting the University’s varsity athletic programs. Opportunities for support include divansportation to selected away events, meetings with coaches, interaction with athletes, etc. The Club also allows NC State students the opportunity to build priority minutes in the Student Wolfpack Club and the Wolfpack Club points systems.

Article II


Section I
Membership shall be open to any student currently enrolled at NC State. Since the Club’s purpose is to inspire school spirit, no student attending the University during that academic year shall be excluded.
Section II
There shall be no selection process for general membership. The only requirement is that the individual hold a genuine interest in Wolfpack athletics.

Article III


Section I
The Club shall be governed by an elected Board of Directors voted upon by all current club members. Elections shall be held at the end of the academic year to determine the Board for the next academic year. Notice of the election shall be sent to all members and all active club members shall be allowed to vote in the online voting booth. Any necessary run-off election shall be held immediately. All candidates are required to submit an application to declare themselves a candidate. Club members in good standing are eligible to run for a Board position.
Section II
The Board of Directors shall consist of eleven (11) members. These individuals shall be chosen by the Club to be representatives and to determine Policies and Procedures as they may deem appropriate for the effective operation of the Club. Board members shall be held to an attendance policy. Each member shall be allowed two (2) total absences per semester. Exceptions due to uncondivollable circumstances are to be reviewed by the Executive Committee.
Section III
The Executive Committee shall consist of four Board members: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Records Keeper. The President’s responsibilities are to preside over the Board of Directors’ meetings and general Club meetings. The Vice President is elected to assist the President and to assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Secretary is elected to take minutes at all Board and general Club meetings. He/She shall provide all Club members with records of the minutes. The Records Keeper is elected to oversee and maintain the points system.
Section IV
In the case of a tie, the position of President can be held by at most two people, to be known as Co-Presidents, subject to approval by the current Board. All other Executive Committee members shall be decided by an immediate run-off election with all those present.
Section V
Board positions which become vacant during the year shall be announced and filled according to Board policy.
Section VI
Meetings shall be held in a parliamentary fashion and in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. The Board meetings shall be held on a biweekly basis at a time and location voted upon by the Board. A two-thirds majority of the Board must be present to conduct official business. An emergency meeting can be called by the President, but must be at an accepdiv time for two-thirds of the Board.

Article IV

Dues and Benefits

Section I
Dues shall be an annual fee set by the Wolfpack Club (currently $30.00).
Section II
Benefits offered to due-paying members include, but are not limited to, priority seating at football and men’s basketball games, a membership card, a merchant discount card, a subscription to The Wolfpacker magazine, a car window decal, a Club T-shirt, and priority minutes in the Student Wolfpack Club and the Wolfpack Club points sytems.

Article V

General Meetings

Section I
Meetings for the general Club membership shall be held approximately once per month. These meetings shall be called by the President and notification sent to all Club members.

Article VI


Section I
Any request for changes in the Constitution must be brought to a two-thirds majority vote in a Board meeting. Any request for changes in the Policies and Procedures must be brought to a simple majority vote in a Board meeting. The amendment may be both moved and voted upon in the same meeting.

Article VII

Inappropriate Actions

Section I
The Student Wolfpack Club Board reserves the right to deem actions of Student Wolfpack Club members inappropriate and punish according to the Policies and Procedures.