Homecoming 2017!

If you can not participate in the homecoming roster, or would like to earn extra bonus minutes, you have the following options:

Can Food Drive: 10 cans = 30 mins, 20 cans = 60 mins.

Banner, Float, and Window Painting Ideas: If you have an idea for the banner or float, email or turn in at any event, a drawn  sketch. All drawn submissions will earn 30 mins. The winning idea will be awarded 60 mins.

Helping Paint the Banner, Build the Float or Paint the Window: If you would like to help with these, please email Ashton Eakes at homecoming.swpc@gmail.com and she will keep you updated on our work days.

Craziest Fan Contest: We need club members to enter as our craziest fans to show their school spirit during the parade and pep rally. If you are willing to dress up, be loud and energetic during the parade and pep rally, please email homecoming.swpc@gmail.com