Priority Points

How do I earn minutes? What are they used for?

To earn minutes, members must attend the events designated on the Calendar. To receive credit for attendance at a point event, members must check in on the Student Wolfpack Club App, or with the SWPC Board of Directors that are administering the particular event. When the event concludes you must check out with a Board member as well. The minutes are then entered in the database. The minutes system was established to encourage attendance at non-revenue sporting events and is used as a method of controlling access the Student Wolfpack Club section during major events. Members accumulate minutes throughout the year, which is used for priority seating at football and men’s basketball games.

How can I check my Student Wolfpack Club priority minutes?

You can check minutes through the Student Wolfpack Club App. To do this, open the app and click on the account page. If there is an issue with your minutes, please contact a Board member to fix the issue.

Do I earn points for going to away football games?

The away point compensation policy for football will be subject to review by the Board of Directors. If an event conflicts with an away football game, compensation can be awarded.


How do I get a red shirt like that?

Sign up to be a Member of the Student Wolfpack Club! If you are currently enrolled as a student at NC State, call 919-865-1500 and ask for more information on the Student Wolfpack Club. You can also fill out an online application by clicking “Join Now” on our home page, or just drop by the Wolfpack Club office. Membership dues for the Student Wolfpack Club are $30 per year, or you can get a 4 year membership for $100. At the Wolfpack Club office, you’ll immediately be handed an official Club T-shirt, car decal, & membership sticker for your student ID. Make sure to wear your Student Wolfpack Club T-shirt to all football and basketball games!

Where is the Wolfpack Club office?

The Wolfpack Club office is located in Palisades I, located on Trinity Rd. near Carter-Finley Stadium. The building is situated behind Cardinal Gibbons High School. The Wolfpack Club office is on the 4th floor of the building with the NCSU ticket office.  5400 Trinity Road


Where are our seats located?

Football: Our seats are located on the EAST side of Carter-Finley Stadium. We have the block of seats containing the high side of section 6. In addition, we have a block of seats in the endzone (General Admission Seating). There are ~18 seats per row, and these seats are distributed in the manner described in the Policies and Procedures. Click here for a map of Carter-Finley Stadium. Basketball: The Student Wolfpack Club has the very prominent section of tickets lining the side of the court directly behind the team benches and scorer’s table, as well as a section of seats behind the baseline near the visitor’s bench. These seats are distributed in the manner described in the Policies and Procedures.

Do we get parking passes for football/basketball games?

Yes. Parking Passes will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis during Student Wolfpack Club ticket distributions to all Members who request one. Any additional parking passes not picked up during regular student distribution are available at the NCSU ticket office.  You may also try and pick up a parking pass during the general student parking distribution.  Check out for more information.