2015-2016 Student Wolfpack Club Board Elections

April 29, 2015

It’s time to select your Student Wolfpack Club Board of Directors for 2015-2016. Please vote for 3 candidates by emailing studentwolfpackclub@gmail.com by Friday, May 8th.
Candidates are listed below.

Chris Abba
I believe I should get a position because I value all sports equally and I also know a good amount about each of the 23 varsity sports we partake in on the campus of NC State. Furthermore, I would be a good board member because my next semester isn’t a rigorous one and I can also make it to a lot of the sporting events that we partake in. Also, the last time I checked the minutes rankings, I was in the top 100 of our club. If I am elected onto the board, I also want to try to optimize the Student Wolfpack Club app and make it more functional if possible. Thank you for your time and vote for me!! Have a blessed day.


Chad Blankenbeker –Electrical and Computer Engineering , Hometown: Salisbury, NC
I will be a rising senior next year and feel that I would be a valuable addition to the SWPC board. Throughout my four years here at NC State, there has been great improvement in various aspects of the club. However there is still room for improvement. One aspect that needs to be addressed next season is streamlining the check out process. The addition of the SWPC mobile app this past year was very beneficial as it gave instant access to the minute event schedule, the minute leader board and an easy way to sign in to the minute events from your seat at every game. However checking out of an event became a cumbersome task with having to find every individual members name on printed pages. If I am elected to the board I will work to improve this and make it a more efficient process. My father graduated from NC State, and I knew I was going to come to State after hearing stories of the ’83 championship run. Let’s make that same magic happen again in 2015-16!”


John Bradner
My name is John Bradner and I am a rising senior in Economics. I want to be a member of the Student Wolfpack Club Board because it has been an intrinsic part of my college experience. I have made some of my closest friends and fondest memories during events. As a former high school athlete, I want to be able to help others enjoy the Wolfpack atmosphere the same way I did. I believe that my personality and hard work ethic would help make this the best year yet for the Club


David Burke
My name is David Burke and I am a rising senior. I have been an N.C. State fan all my life and have fond memories of attending basketball games at Reynolds Coliseum when I was young. The Student Wolfpack Club has given me the opportunity to meet great people who share the passion I have for this university and it’s athletics. I want to be a member of the board to help ensure that our members give our non revenue sports as much love as possible and have fun supporting the pack at athletic events.


Jeffrey Coggins
I am a freshman from Charlotte, NC studying civil engineering. I am the third generation of my family to attend NC State, so I have always been a huge State fan. I try to go to as many NC State athletic events as possible. I went to all of the home basketball and football games this year, and even some away games. I am a strong supporter of the Student Wolfpack Club and the benefits that it provides to its members and our school’s athletic programs. I want to help the Student Wolfpack Club better support its members and help its members better support NC State and Wolfpack athletics. Go State!


Kenneth Erickson
Kenneth is a Freshman from King, NC majoring in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Kenneth is running for the Student Wolfpack Club Board in order to help recruit new and retain previous members through more interaction between club members.


Zach Hayes
My name is Zach Hayes and I’m a rising junior in Civil Engineering. I currently work for the men and women’s golf teams at the short game practice facility.
I want to run for the Student Wolfpack Club because I thoroughly enjoy being a member of the club and supporting all NCSU athletics and I want to be able to do more for the club through serving on the board. I will bring strong leadership and a hard work ethic to whatever task the board has me completing. I will also bring dedication to the club by continuing to be actively involved in the club and at events.
I would like to improve the club by keeping the involvement high all year, not just at the beginning of the school year through some sort of incentive program. The Student Wolfpack Club is the largest club at NCSU and there is a lot of hype at the beginning of the school year and around football season, but I have noticed numbers and participation seem to drop off throughout the year.


Madeline Lassiter
Hey y’all! My name is Madeline Lassiter and I am a junior in Human Biology. I have been a member of the Student Wolfpack Club for three years and have loved every minute of it. There would be nothing better than to have the ability to give back to an organization that has made my college experience so great. Go Pack!


Emily Peeler
I’m a junior majoring in sport management. My passion for sports has led me to that major and this club. I have been a member of the Student Wolfpack Club since freshman year (2012), and I love supporting all of NC State athletics. I really want to help and contribute to the improvement and expansion of everything this club has to offer. I really want to be a part of this board! Vote for me and Go Pack!


Nolan Reep
My name is Nolan Reep. I am a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering from High Point, NC. I would be honored if I were selected as a board member for the Student Wolfpack Club. I have spent two years as a member and would enjoy the opportunity to give back to the Wolfpack Club community. This organization reaches thousands of students on campus and helps promote Wolfpack Pride nationwide through its support and dedication to all NC State athletics, including non-revenue teams. The Wolfpack Club has provided a home for myself and many other students, so I wish to continue the trend and possibly improve the basic functions of the club to make the best of every students’ experience on campus.


Stephen Tilghman
I would like to be a member of the Student Wolfpack Club because of my love for NC State athletics. Being a member of the SWPC this past year has been exciting and an opportune way for me to meet new people, make new memories, and take my NC State athletics experience to the next level. I want to continue that feeling of love and support my making further contributions to the club as a board member. Thanks! Go Pack!


Wendy Wheeler
My name is Wendy Wheeler. I am a junior majoring in chemistry. I have been a member of Student Wolfpack Club for two years now. I want to be a member of the Student Wolfpack Club board to implement some of my ideas. One of my main ideas is to plan a flash mob for either a football game or a basketball game. This was suggested this year, but the plans fell through. I plan on making it happen next year. I would really appreciate your vote! Go Pack!!